one who when sleeping at a sleep over was exposed to a naked butt rubbed on there face.
while taylor was sleeping over at gregs house he was butt faced and woken up.
by aldsjaflkjds August 11, 2006
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This isn't really a harsh name to call someone at all. More times than not it is used by close friends especially male/female friends or even siblings. There is a major difference in calling a person an "Ass head" as compared to "Butt Face"
"Hey what's up butt face?" "Are you going to make the birthday party on Saturday?"
by JP12345 August 27, 2007
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this word is commonly used by youth under the age of 10 to insult someone who destroyed them in a roast battle. when they say this, it is like a call to the rest of their pack for them to come and help their buddy by screaming "oooooooo roasted" so that they can pretend like they roasted you badly. there is no way to counter this other than no you, ur mum gae lul or ur dad lesbie.
bob: your forehead is bigger than the solar system.Jason: shut up butt face. bob: no u.Jason: dies
by Sickomobambapwlewdiememe April 16, 2019
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Butt face or butt hole is a sacred ancient word siblings use to call for each other. They mainly call for services like getting them water or fetching the remote that’s a foot away from their hand
Older sister:hey butt face can you get me water

Younger sister:get it your self butt hole
by Nana-banana January 15, 2018
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v. To inadvertently dial someone over Apple's Face Time application. Similar to Butt Dial only in Face Time.
After ending a conversation with Elaine on Face Time, Jerry put his cell phone in his pocket unlocked. A few seconds later he butt faced her by mistake.
by Jackie Diamonds January 17, 2014
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