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A method of drinking alcohol that involves shoving a tube up your rectum, and then feeding booze through said tube into your ass, which somehow manages to give you a stronger and quicker buzz then drinking it normally. Often seen as a staple amongst drunken fraternity tomfoolery
Hayden decided to butt chug some Budweiser, now he can't even tell if he's human or not
by Metallicajunkie October 23, 2018
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Inserting an alcoholic beverage into your anus either through a bottle, but preferably a beer bong.
I went to this party the other day and everyone was yelling "Butt chug! Butt chug!"

I still have to clench to keep it in!
by genuinepoon December 05, 2014
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The act of introducing any liquid or fluid by way of the rectum. An alternative to the more common way of oral intake in which any effects of the matter, usually alcohol, that has been reversely passed through the sphincter, is most likely to be felt much sooner an up to 3 times its usual potency.
Johnny was able to pass the police check point due to a last minute decision to buttchug his drinks for the evening thus leaving his breath smelling sweet and sober.
by Turbo Kwaz November 09, 2010
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Similar to a beer bong, but the consumption of beer is rectally, using a funnel and tube to administer the beer as an enema. The primary purpose of butt chugging as opposed to drinking beer is that alcohol administered as an enema has 3x the effect of alcohol taken orally.
We dared my friend to butt chug his beer and when he did he got totally wasted!
by aasfasfasf asfasfas September 13, 2008
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Watering plants by letting them absorb water from the bottom.
That plant hates being watered from the top, so I’m going to let it butt chug instead.
by moonpieyes September 04, 2019
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verb: to shove a tube in your butt and chug beer or any other drink in an effort to get attetion
Joe: Dude i wanna do a butt chug
Bob: Did you just say you wanted to butt chug?
Joe: Ya man you should do it with me!
by naruto90121 April 02, 2010
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