1. verb - to generally fuck something up in an eastern european manner

2. adjective, low budget or of low quality, looking as if of eastern european origin

3. noun - anyone of eastern european origin
1: he really butro-ed his car when he ran into that wall

2: that old car is so butro.

3: that is such a butro thing to do; he's such a butro
by g unit June 19, 2003
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An adjective used to describe something that is "off" or not right or even stupid.
"Man, that girl is butros, yo!"
"Man, that's fucking butros!"
"Jesus Christ is that butros!"
"Getting a single mushroom while in 4th place on Mario Kart 64 is butros!"
by Eric Litvak December 11, 2003
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Slang term for a wank or description of something that is crap.
"Right I'm off for a butros."

"I'm not going out tonight. I'm staying in to have a butros over Channel 5 porn."

"This program is a load of butros."
by Zulu Warrior April 05, 2006
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