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A phrase used by kpop stans when their faves are targeted for doing something problematic so they try to point out something that namjoon did years ago (that he apologized and learned from). It's a way for them to try and cover up what their oppars have done and to feel better about themselves.
It was referenced by Namjoon in "MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA trailer mv" when he said, "The three syllables of my name and the word 'but' that should become before any of those," showing how petty some kpop stans can be and that he knows everything they say.
"You heard that *insert random kpop idol* said some pretty racist and sexist stuff recently right?"
"Yeah, but Namjoon did *insert something he did 6 years ago* so it's not that bad-"
"Please dear god shut up"
by Left Namtiddy March 28, 2019
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β€œBut Namjoon” is a phrase that K-pop community uses when one of their faves do something problematic and they want to redirect the attention to Kim Namjoon, rapper and leader of BTS, and to justify their faves actions.
Kim Namjoon once upon a time did some problematic things but sincerely apologized and educated himself. He is completely innocent now but K-pop community still brings him up at their convenience.
Person A: your oppa should be called out, he said the N word.
Person B: But Namjoon… you forget about him?


Person A: He should apologize

Person B: You stan Namjoon (this is another form of But Namjoon)
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by Colonized Peach October 23, 2017
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But Namjoon is a tactic used by kpop fans whenever their favorite kpop group does something problematic. So to take the attention away from their favorite they bring up old problematic things that Kim Namjoon has done and apologized for.
Person1: Omg he's wearing dreads

Person2: But Namjoon had them also.
by yallignorant38 June 09, 2018
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