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A vagina; A front bum.
A Bussey can also be used to describe the outcome of a combined front and back bum. One large Bussey.
Jim: I met this fit bird last night!
Adam: Did you finger her Bussey?

'Get your bussey out love'
'Your bussey is so big'
by Anna Bussey July 01, 2008
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Fat imbecile that dropped out of Wigston College and sucked Janine's tits
bussey is well gay
by rc March 23, 2003
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slang. Pronounced(boo-see).A mixture of two slang terms,bitch and pussy.Usually directed towards a person as an insult.Can be used as a noun or an adverb.
" Look at Willy over there. He's a fucking bussey!
by Jonas Laceeus December 22, 2005
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