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First Find Bush in someones yard then get a running start and make an attempt to jump the bush.
by (Not Listed) March 08, 2005
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BOBBY-no balls to jump that bush infront of the school
(jonny runs and jumps a bush, but falls into the next bush)
JonnyB- that hurt it gave me cuts all over my body
(female)Cop- did you just jump that bush
JonnyB- yes i did jump the bush
(female)Cop- You are coming with me for Bush Jumping
by buckredblackneck June 03, 2011
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Bush Jumping is a sport. Others may call it a hobby. The sport was first created in 2007 by a Swansea schoolgirl called Rachel Hellier, during a trip to St Fagans, Museum of Welsh Life.

Firstly, participants must find a very large bush. It is more suitable if it is round. The idea is to run and jump into the bush either facing forwards or backwards at a high speed.

The bush will either support the participant, or unfortunately for some will not... It depends on the bush's durability and sustainability, depending on many factors including size and weather.

There have been many regional heats of bush-jumping taking place throughout the UK (In August 08, the actual creator travelled to Fleetwood, Lancashire to take part in a heat) and it is an upcoming sport to look out for. There is even a facebook group supporting it.

However, there is a lot of uncertainty about the sports future; it is said that the sport will either take off, or like some other 'different' sports, gradually die out, without the recognition it deserves
Bush Jumping- Running and jumping into a bush at St Fagans, Wales.
by Sarah Jayne Rees October 24, 2008
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