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This is a womens fanny sets on fire by the man going Super Saiyan on her hairy clit.
Caelan: '' Have you seen what happened on Coronation Street today? ''
James: '' Oh yh I heard that Bethany Platt got a Bush Fire ''
by Coochie Kid May 23, 2019
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When two lesbians scissor them selves so fast that the friction creates a fire with their pubes.
Lesbian 1: Oh shit we're going to fast
Lesbian 2: Oh fuck we're going to start a bush fire
by Dark Chocolat November 6, 2020
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A sexual activity involving some of the original characteristics on sexual intercourse, but adds the element of fire. The female's pubic hair is lit on fire while the male inserts his penis. They continue to have sex until the "bush fire" is extinguished.
Me and my girl friend were having bush fire sex when our house burned down.
by Bushfire July 31, 2015
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lesbians rubbing genitalia together to the point of orgasm
last night Barbara and Nicoloe, after a bottle of tequila had such a wild bush fire they burned their house down.
by perfusion girl April 23, 2003
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when a man inserts a lit ciggarette into a womans vaginal cavity and smokes it from her vaginal cavity and gives the lucky lady pleasure for days, makes her weak at the knees. her knees collapse and she goes blind.
guy " dont worry , it'll be fine"
girl " nooo!
guy " its not haram its halal"
girl "ok then"

dad "where are you going"
girl "i dont know daddy, i cant see. i have bush fire!"
by lil zayn February 5, 2011
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A bush-fire is the blaze a guy starts when he sets his own pubes aflame while smoking some good weed.
I was smoking some East Coast Diesel and I started a bush-fire in my naked crotch!
by USAF Cadet February 7, 2021
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the forest or bush is caught on fire and evrything burns down.
firefighters are called to the seen to help control the fire
by sarah March 22, 2005
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