The working mans beer. Reserved for meat eaters, beard sporting, axe wielding, flannel wearing men who dominate everything they do, and enjoy a good cheap beer at the end of a hard days work. Often used in bottle form to hone coordination skills by throwing empties from a moving vehicle at road signs. Commonly "shotgunned" in Montana by shoving ones thumb straight through the can.
Hey I just killed this bear with my bare hands, toss me a Busch light.
by ToughLuck November 17, 2013
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The kind of beer every Iowan drinks. Never leave a 30 pack of Busch unattended in Iowa.
Hey wade can you grab a 30 pack of Busch light so me and the boys can go get shit faced.
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Mans beer, official beer of Iowa, well known for being drank after a hard days work or a night of sitting by the fire watching football!
John was watching the Iowa Hawkeyes game while drinking a Busch light.
by Jstally2013 March 03, 2018
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Beer that should only be consumed by red necks and college students. Very cheap and is known to be purchased in cases of thirty, aka dirty thirty.
We went to the fraternity party and there were numerous cases of Busch Light.
by Hell Rell August 19, 2006
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A particular style of walking when one has consumed enormous amounts of Busch Light Beer. Occasionally accompanied by urine stained pants, obsenities or even nudity.
Damn, Charlie drank 42 beers last night and did the Busch Light shuffle till he passed out.
by paint pro March 20, 2009
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to complete a case{30} of busch light between 2 people in 3 hours without throwing up. this challenge is reasonable to some but not to all. do not attempt unless a trained beer drinker
i completed the busch light challenge !!!!

now your a man!
by bigchug June 18, 2010
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The Busch Light Demon is what you start calling Zack Miller, local college student, after he's had too many Busch Lights. The Busch Light Demon will do anything from throwing cans to fucking the neighbors.
These activities include but are not limited to:
- littering on the neighbors yard
- shooting waterballoons onto houses
- sneaking into the football stadium
- chalk tagging
- ding dong ditching
- cutting down trees
- theft
- trying to punch things
and many more. Rest assured the only way to slow down to Busch Light Demon is to feed him lots of dabs, as he cannot be stopped.
The Busch Light Demon fucked the neighbors last night pretty good

dude you don't remember? you totally turned into the Busch Light Demon and left fifty beer cans in the neighbor's driveway
by ZIA Certified October 18, 2021
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