The balloon-like formation that occurs when a guy pinches the tip of the foreskin while simultaneously taking a leak.
He had to pee in the shower, so to shake things up a bit, he did a burster.
by Alli Donald August 29, 2007
A baby xenomorph, shown in the entire Alien serious as well as Alien vs Predator 1 and 2. This is the 2nd stage in the xenomorph development after a human (or something of comparable size) is attacked by a face-hugger. After a short period of incubation it burst out of a hosts' chest like an evil bloody penis, then runs of somewhere to feed and grow at an unnaturally fast rate.
A chest-burster is the last thing the hosts sees before they die.
by Rena Snake March 4, 2008
someone who puts down someone's ego/optimism all day, erry day. most of the time just to make them mad.
james lovett is a bubble-burster because he ALWAYS BURSTS MY BUBBLES
by clee243 February 11, 2011
When you are going down on a chick and your penis breaks through the back of her vagina or head.
Dude, My dad gave my sister a dick burster now shes in the hospital.
by cole jackman September 28, 2007
A disorder which manifested in a person who believes they are always right, casually plagiarises and sucks off youtubers, commonly used phrasing is burster energy as in someone has burster energy, example being burster himself.
Drake: bro I think your content sucks but like I make the exact same thing
Burster: no my content is really high quality & original
Jo: bro you’re emitting great amounts of Burster Energy have you got Burster Disorder?
by Bursterfan 1 April 21, 2019
Astronomical experience in which a male jabs a female in her no no ZONE :O
that guy is such a "Cherry Burster"
by sexisme October 18, 2010
A dirty queer faggot who likes to blow peoples back doors off. Someone who wants to blow a whole the size of the moon in your back passage. Someone who violates a persons back passage and draws blood.
Fuck off you dirty little bottom burster I will put my foot up your arse and send you into the 31st century, Keep away from Ade Bennett, he is a known bottom burster. Hi mate, i heard you are a bottom burster, can i bend over and let you violate my sweet cheeks, i wanna see some arse blood and suck the brown soup of your bell end
by bradsbadluck July 7, 2015