The most badass exercise on the market, targets every muscle and improves explosiveness. Common among inmates.

Consists of doing a push up, going into a squat, jumping as high as you can, dropping back into a squat then into a pushup. A pull up can be added after the jump if a bar is available.
I just did 100 burpees in 5 minutes, excuse me while I projectile vomit.
by DeliPro158 June 22, 2008
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If a push-up and a squat had hate sex and the child had severe testicular cancer.
Kid 1: "Damn, the PE teacher made us do burpees today."
Kid 2: "Oof, I feel you man"
by UkrainianPerson September 6, 2021
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an alcoholic drink made by pouring burnett's or any other alcohol that costs less than ten dollars into a slurpee.
the slurpee is necessary to cover up the intensely bad taste of the burnett's.
Charlie : dude, tomorrow is free slurpee day! I think this means we need to make some Burpees

Kapil: slurpees are for niggers and 12 year olds

Charlie: are you keeeeeeeeeeeeeding me? Burpees are gangsta shit!!
by igdanignot July 10, 2010
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When you perform the Burpee exercises. Squat, push-up, squat, jump - repeat. Commonly used amongst those attempting to complete a 100 Day Burpee Challenge.
100 Day Burpee Challenger #1: Did you do your Burpees yesterday?

100 Day Burpee Challenger #2: Yeah, I Burpeed on the train on the way home from the bar last night.
by KatieMac2 January 5, 2009
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When two or more people do burpees until only one person remains doing burpees.
Did you see the burpee-off with Arin, Sunder, and Dr. Sung?
by Can of dicks June 12, 2016
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(n.) The act of doing the burpee exercise (jump and then squat as you come down) while crapping in your pants as you come down for the squat part of the burpee exercise.
As John was doing his burpees for track practice, he felt the burpee squirts coming, but it was too late for him the stop it.
by XMSquiZZ360 November 13, 2013
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Burpees when someone is forced to do them
Person 1: Hey how are you?
Person 2: Bad, I did belly burpees.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: I was forced to do burpees.
by Esthii August 14, 2021
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