Burnt out is used in a way of calling someone crazy or silly.This term is used when someone says or do something that you can’t help but laugh at.
Ray Ray you are burnt out for pulling Nay Nay’s wig at church.

Tommy: “Damn Felicia, your ankles are leaning to the 3rd in those heels, looking like lil ol Bambi.”
Trisha: Hahaha, shut up Tommy, I swear you’re Burnt out.
by T_Avenue June 15, 2019
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A hoe that has been ran through by hella niggas.
Damn she cute , but she burnt out.
by Maisygobrazy July 14, 2019
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a) The stupid or unmotivated feeling one sometimes gets after they come down from a marijuana high.

b) The constant stupid or unmotivated attitude of a heavy pot smoker. A true pothead is always in a state of being burnt out regardless of whether or not they had smoked in the past 48 hours.

See also: burn out
a) "Man I smoked so much reefer earlier today and now I'm burnt out and don't feel like doing shit."

b) 1: "Why does that kid skip class so often and get such shitty grades"
2: "He's totally burnt out dude"
1: "Oh ok that explains it.
by Vonk January 20, 2005
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The state of mind that follows the 2-4 hour stoned period. It usually only occurs after smoking a great quantity of weed. A burn out can last a long time - typically 7 to 12 hours after coming down from the high. The burnt out state of mind is characterized by an intense exhaustion, the inability to focus, a general mental dullness, the slight slurring of words, and a sensory numbness.

Being burnt out and being stoned are two very different feelings. While the "high" state typically involves a distorted perception of time, an acuity of senses, minor paranoia, and the tendency to stare, the burnt out state has none of these qualities.

Also known as a weed-over.
I can't solve this physics problem - I'm so burnt out, all I want to do is take a nap.
by Mark the Genius September 27, 2007
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The state of physical and mental exhaustion following an over-extended period of sleep deprivation and/or an overwhelming exertion of energy due to the ingestion of methamphetamines. Typically the subsequent course of action for the afflicted is to "fall out," as voluntary bodily functions cease to operate in proper working order and immanent slumber causes loss of consciousness to ensue.
Carlos: Do I look burnt out, dog?
Phil: Yeah, you look like hell... Do you have any more dope?
by Llenar13 January 25, 2011
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A word used to describe a person(s) or their actions, that most people can agree are obsolete with style and character. Nonetheless, someone who is tasteless and has the ability to make a crowd irritable with their presence.
Mila: " Smh, look at her over there looking a hot ass mess. "
Rae: " Wooow, does she have pink and green individuals?! I can't even deal. "
Mila: " Gurl yes!! She's burnt out, and im about to post her on snapchat. Its 2015 hunny, she should've left that crap in 05'. "
by Darkieskinned January 16, 2015
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a word directed to a chic who is ran through, body count on a 1000, & her pussy probably looks like a tunnel dat u can put your hand through.
Man 1: my girl so bad bru she mines 4eva.
Man 2: das not yo girl bru she burnt out 😂 bitch done fucced da whole gang.
by atlfanatic June 28, 2019
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