A man with a Grizzly Adams look. A man with a big burly beard, burly arms, burly chest, burly man ass and big burly hairy balls.
"WOW! Look at that Burly Man, he's super sexy!" "Look at those Big Burly Man balls!"
by Barnacle December 7, 2006
The working title of the hit movie "The Matrix Revolutions" (released in 2003).
Did you know that the working title of "The Matrix Revolutions" was "The Burly Man,"?
by Fluffy Mumpkins May 17, 2008
Often refers to a man who is able to grow a corn-silk like beard. A burly man is not afraid to share his eclectic tastes such as music and authors. A burly man is a true friend who is reliable.
Did you see Lee early, he is such a Burly Man
by hunter S.thompson November 9, 2011
Stemming from Alabama folklore about an enormous fellow, the Birmingham burly man is an individual who is well upholstered; somebody who wears their stomach at their knees.
Damn, look at the build on that guy. He could pass as the Birmingham Burly Man
by Savery17 August 1, 2019