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The Cleveland Compromise consists of four joints, running a geeb, and taking two green bowl bong rips followed by a .2mg dab all in a sitting. The iconic act is becoming a mainstay in the 4/20 routines of dedicated rippers.
Yo dunc, I just ripped a cleveland compromise, time to bump Down by the River
by Savery17 April 17, 2021
A complimentary word used by black Americans towards white people. Usually a deep hood saying, but it is a vehicle for people of color to express appreciation for whites(usually in an athletic context).
Damn, Cooper Kupp can ball, he is a creature
by Savery17 March 20, 2022
Stemming from Alabama folklore about an enormous fellow, the Birmingham burly man is an individual who is well upholstered; somebody who wears their stomach at their knees.
Damn, look at the build on that guy. He could pass as the Birmingham Burly Man
by Savery17 August 1, 2019
An act prohibiting the consumption of excessively large(Alaskan bullworm sized) lines of cocaine.
Damn bro, I think we just violated the bullworm act of ‘88
by Savery17 July 23, 2019