means stupid person, nicer version of being a bitch. Someone who is acting ignorant and mean
She is being such a major bunta right now.
by Krystina April 12, 2004
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Extremely physically tired or burned-out, as one who has been the recipient of bunta (and survived) in the infamouse "bunta joke" of the second definition.
When that arcturan megatank comes through here we are totally bunta'd!

Cleaned out at poker? I was bunta'd man!

I'm four times his size and six times his weight *and* I have a black belt in six martial arts... and he insists on a duel? Heh heh heh: bunta time!
by Simon Bridge March 10, 2007
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A legendary player of Initial D Arcade Stage Version 1, 2, and 3 originating from New Jersey.
Master of the Trueno on all courses in any condition.
Has average times on Time Attack, but his real talent is during battles where he runs record breaking times.
Prefers to use real racing techniques rather than game moves only such as eraser and TST.
He's supposedly retired after the release of Version 4.
Some of the "myths" surrounding him is that he hit 220km/h with a Trueno on Myogi CCW Dry during a battle boost off and he ran 2'56"5 on Akina Downhill Dry during a battle playing jokingly.
Guy 1: Wow! You're really good with a Trueno.
Guy 2: That's nothing! Have you ever heard of THE Bunta?
Guy 1: THE Bunta?! I heard he once raced someone and let them get 1000m ahead at the start then passed him and braked right away and let the guy get ahead of him again and passed him at the finish!
by Franklin22107 June 10, 2009
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Slang term for testicles, possibly derived from the Punjabi word bunta/banta, meaning "marble".
Ooh he kicked me right in the buntas!
by conkspotter January 17, 2012
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An old man who wears a pink polo shirt with a right front pocket with khaki pants and sandals. Smokes about every five minutes. Drives a AE86 Trueno(1988 Apex Corolla) or a Subaru WRX Type R.
Hey Bunta! Get two hands on the wheel! We're tackling a corner! I don't care if you need to smoke! We're going over 100 km/h. Aaahhhhhhhh.
by Toan October 20, 2003
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A cool old man who drives a kick ass AE86. He smokes every couple minutes and owns a tofu shop.
Bunta is gonna be president one day
by jfdlkfhla;dhflkdjflak August 05, 2004
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