When you have a cold or flu, you are bunged up.
When the nasal pasages and sinuses are full of fluid from the cold you are bunged up
by MBUAE September 6, 2008
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He was so bunged up he knocked over the whole barrel of jungle juice


I was so hammered last night I fell down the stairs and bunged up my knee
by Boxee Box September 16, 2010
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Constipated, unable to take a shit. A bunghole is your asshole.
I ate an extra-large meatlover's pizza and a pound of chicken wings yesterday, and today, I'm real bunged up.
by Murica Michelle February 1, 2007
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"Yeah, he was quading and totally bunged up his knee."
"My girlfriends acting all bunged up!"
by Tylaah April 8, 2007
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Upset; about an event or occurrence.
When his truck broke down he was very bung up.
by Backseat 69 November 17, 2021
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Kid "Mom my stomach hurts,"
Mom "did you try to go to the bathroom?"
Kid "I can't go, I'm Al bung up"
by LikeableJerk August 8, 2015
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Being bunged up is being higher then a kite or drunker then a skunk. Or just to fucked up in general
Guy1: hey man, how you doing?
Guy2: Dude I’m all bunged up and can’t function.
by Chongdolf May 16, 2021
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