A strange thing that seems to be half slug, half llama, and half biggin. It originated from a gif image. It prances along smiling in an unnerving fashion. Some people call it Kelet, after a person who posted an image of it in some forum, but its proper name is Bunchies. The official site is at www.wildpixels.com/bunchies.
"Look at Bunchies go!"
by Spidey October 4, 2004
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A wonderful, many-chinned pickle-llama hybrid that loosely resembles a seafoam-green dildo. Bunchies enjoys frolicking in swamps and galloping through open fields of pickle-trees. Bunchies' large, shiny, black eyes and perpetually opened mouth allude to the inaudible "RAWR" that we all know Bunchies secretly emits.
Hey look over there in that swamp! There's a delicious Bunchies frolicking over the hillside.
by Annie PS November 19, 2006
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Bus munchies. The hunger you get when your on the bus.
"I always have a snack in my bag in case I get the bunchies"
by Bstarrocks May 4, 2015
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Have you not had your coffee yet? You're so bunchy.
by krage11 June 11, 2013
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A green Llama like creature that Chuck Norris rides into the sun every thursday.

Also known as Final Boss of the Internet, WTF Monster, Kelet, and The Grin Raper.

May resemble a dick.
lol its a bunchie
by wtf monster April 9, 2010
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A creature with four legs and an elongated neck. Also Capable of attaining high speeds while galloping. Similar in appearance to that of a male phallus.
"Genmay.com is obsessed with that penis looking thing, Bunchie."
by FL@ME August 13, 2003
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What happens when a llama and a penis crossbreed.
My bunchie sure has a long erect neck.
by Your name August 19, 2003
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