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Bumgina - when you cut from a womens Anus until it meets her Vagina, you create a Bumgina.
Ali got a knife and gave Molly a Bumgina.
by Poonhunter12345 March 02, 2009
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The end result of what is created when during intense anal intercourse the flesh of the taint is ripped through to the vagina creating one larger opening as opposed to two. Usually requires medical attention.
Alex fucked Jenny so hard up the ass he gave her a bumgina.
by reddawg April 29, 2007
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A bumgina happens when a dude with a big ass dick like lex the impaler steele tears the hoe's asshole into her vagina. hence the joining of the words bum and vagina
fuckin hoe was bleeding on the sheets when i tore her a bumgina nigga
by lextheimpaler January 21, 2011
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