If a group of people want to see a show or event but don't want to pay, everyone rushes the entrance, hoping only a few are caught by the gate keeper, while the rest get in free.

Described by Charlie Murphy on Chappelle's Show.
With only 2 bouncers at the door most of us should get in free when we give them the bums rush.
by 1_upp November 11, 2010
To run into battle so quickly that every person's butt is touching the person behind them. Used as a last resort.
They can't kill us all, let's bum-rush them!
by Exploding Boy February 9, 2003
The act of stealing items from a merchant or street vendor with many people simultaneously running up, grabbing whatever they can and then running off. It has to be done together so that the merchant doesn't know who to try and stop.
I helped bum rush the fake Louis Vuitton stand at the swap meet today with about 14 other people.
by El Luchador January 19, 2009
Gathering a large group of people and barging into a friend's house unannounced, then being very loud, rude, disruptive, or just plain out destructive.
Man One: Hey, I heard that you're going to bum rush Tyler's house tonight? Can I join?

Man Two: Yeah, be outside his house at 8.

Man One: Sweet, I am totally going to steal everything in his fridge!
by Libertine565 May 14, 2009
Where ones bum is spontaneously rushed upon. Also known as sodomy.
dude, i was walkin down the street and was totally bum rushed!
by Jez & Jackie March 24, 2005
The sensation felt on ones prosterior when putting on a new pair of underwear.
Those new fruit of the looms your mom bought sure gave me a bum rush.
by Cody L March 14, 2007
To stay up, or not sleep to gain a sense of altered reality, because you can't sleep anyway or don't have any money for grog or whatever.
Jay didn't have any money for that party on Saturday night so he had to bum rush and stay up all Friday night.
by Spungee May 29, 2012