Teasing, but to a somewhat extent of bullying.
Kobe misses an easy 3-pointer, prompting Stephen to scream "You suck!" and pushes Kobe to the ground, who screams in pain. LeBron comes by and screams "That's bullyism!". LeBron and Stephen get in a fistfight, forcing Russell to tackle them both.

Tom tells Rob he can't catch a 31.723-yard pass. Rob screams "That's bullyism!". Rob walks away and steals all of Tom's Super Bowl rings and his jersey, bound for Mexico.
by BeeStingYT June 11, 2017
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Etymology - "Bullyism" comes from "bully" + "ism" (based on "totalitarianism", "communism", "socialism", "capitalism", etc.)

Bullyism - It is said of a country, a State, a nation, a government acting as a bully on a global/international scale.

Some countries impose their views, policies, and perspectives on other countries, using threats of sanctions, embargos, coup d'État, and interferences in internal affairs of weaker countries, in order to take their resources and take control of their economic, political and strategic positions. This behavior is the essence of bullyism. Those countries are often hiding their true intentions behind the mask of democracy and human rights to bully the weaker countries.
United States embody this notion perfectly. They apply bullyism to control other countries.
by Grammaticus November 30, 2016
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When you get mad at your friend for doing something and want to put some humor into it.
Why’d you leave? This is considered bullyism in some countries.
by WarFrosterr December 07, 2018
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