Bill Clinton immersed the world in his bullshitery regarding his relationship with his intern
by Kevin Coin August 29, 2007
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Metaphorical reference to a corrupt action that has been accepted for too long or is over-rated.
Sociology's use of convoluted and made-up vocabulary to over-explain simple concepts (such as "objectivation" over "objectification") or concepts that could be explained simply is bullshitery.
by EliDaWood April 28, 2017
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Initially derived from the phrase "bull shit airy". This phrase was used by herders of flying cows to describe cows that shit in mid flight, this later came to mean any bullshit that was higher in altitude then normal, and later to its current meaning of any bullshit that is bullshitier then normal.
person 1: "fred said some bullshit last week"
person 2: "actually that bullshit exceeded the limit for normal bullshit promoting it to bullshitery"
by Bull of the shits May 22, 2015
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When someone talks bullsgit
I'm tired of Phil's bullshitery
by bullshit_man August 11, 2019
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Something Inconvenient; bad
* stubs toe *
“Fuck! This is bullshitery!”
by LilSkittles101 November 29, 2019
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