A true master of verbal fascade. A deceptive fuck that gets off on selling people worthless info as it were fact.

To reach this ultimate level of mastery the bullshiter becomes convinced that at he or she is completely on the level at least 95% of the time ...
Bullshit artist comes back from the gym

"Man that was a hard work out. I benched out 180... a hot chick was checking my shit out.. she said "Your shit is nice". No doubt i'll score"

by Hardout April 10, 2009
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A master in the art of making bullshit believable.

Bullshit artists can fabricate a series of lies, which cannot easily be disproved, to conceal their real intentions or justify past behavior. They also use clever language, such as euphemisms and weasel words to hide the real meaning, or create false meaning, in what they are saying. Bullshit Artists often use their talent to bullshit people out of their money.

Bullshit Artists include religious groups, cults, televangelists, fortune tellers, politicians, salesmen, corrupt news media, fraudsters and lawyers.

Never try to bullshit a bullshit artist.
George Bush: "Iraq has stockpiled biological and chemical weapons, and is rebuilding the facilities used to make more of those weapons."

Observer: "What a bullshit artist, there never were any."
by bilbo23 March 12, 2011
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A bullshit artist is some one who makes bullshit sound convincing or believable. Bullshit artists are common on facebook and social networking sites. They are also cunts for being intensively annoying
If you love your dick then post this as your status. One boy didnt and his dick melted 2 days later.

(A typical facebook bullshit artist)
by BULALAS November 17, 2011
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"someone who's thought is complete bullshit and will/try bullshit others."
by Additional Air August 1, 2022
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Someone who lies for no reason at all,

Commonly known as “Jesse
Have you ever worked with that “bullshit artist”?

He can’t keep his lies straight.
by Bra1 November 16, 2021
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1) Someone with a talent for convincing lies
2) Someone who lies/boasts incessantly, usually to comedic effect, intentional or accidental
3) wordsmith
"I swear, tomorrow, I will wear a matador costume"
by El Toro Grande August 4, 2004
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