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when a males dick and balls bunch up in their pants to form a bulge-like form.
" His pants are so tight you can see his bulge."
by Chiz Nizzle April 04, 2003
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a massive erection in your pants clumped up to make it look like a big lump in the front of your pants
Dude once I saw that hot chick i got the biggest bulge
by Drew March 08, 2005
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The bulge occurs when a dude wears really skin tight pants or speedos and you can see the outline of his male appendages. Also known as 'weiner bulge' or 'WB'. In the movie Superbad, one of the characters refers to this phenomenon as the 'male camel toe'.
That emo kid is wearing really tight skinny jeans. I can see his bulge!
by Shadow310 June 17, 2008
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When someones wiener is so immensly large... or tiny in some cases, you can see the shape of his weiner through his pants
"Damn look at JTs bulge"
"Damn thats one true hood nigga, his dick is just resting there on its side..."
"What a big bulge..."
"idk, mines bigger.. look"
by notandyszewczyk March 17, 2010
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Huge Shlong usually seen in locker room
Kyle: dude, look at James bulge, and he has not even taken his pants off yet. Just wait till then.
Tyler: I know, It's huge. I think I am going to drop my shoes near him, and when I get up from getting them I and going to touch his dick.
Kyle: Smart, but I am just going over there and touching it.
James: Going where and touching what.
Kyle and Tyler: What, We weren't talking about anything.
James: I heard you
James drops his pants and lets them both suck on it.
by Guy 12345678901 February 08, 2018
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1what you see when your penis and testicles are together and disable through something skintight
At the and of my cycling race I didn't realise but I had a bulge that drew attention on the news that night their was even a close up
by Pain defined May 22, 2016
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