Grumpy person - usually older, can be attributed to any person who is being a grumpy pain in the bum.
Ask buggerlugs over there, he'll proabably know the answer.
Come on buggerlugs, lagging behind again...
by easyman August 30, 2006
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An affectionate term for a child, particularly when it isn't listening to the adult, the implication being that the child's ears (lugs) have been fucked (or buggered) and can no longer hear as a result.
"Oy, buggerlugs, are you listening?"
by Minjeeta July 28, 2009
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1.Someone with very large ears.

2.Ears ideal for use as handles which afford a sodomiser extra purchase and thus enable the delivery of a more thorough, forcefull bumming.
"Dude that supple boy has bugger-lugs!"
by TheGayMaker December 13, 2007
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In British English, a term used as a polite euphemism for the stronger "bugger". Often the word is changed as the speaker realises his/her audience.
Usually an exclamatory remark
by Mike February 14, 2004
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