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A Buffete (pronounced buff - eh - t) means pertaining/relating/medicating to a flock of chars. A buffete is not changed if a cashier or a mediumist is added. If the buffete contains 1 yart or more than 50% non chars it becomes tainted and is now changed to a flock containing a char.
Person 1: Did you see that buffete walk by?!?!?

Person 2: ya the name and the chars involved made me so hungry I tried to get a taste.

Person 1: Lets just say the hog went for a swim and got a taste.

Person 2: *laughs* so what are you doing later tonight?

Person 1: My dongle is coming to town so Im just gonna hide under my roof

Person 2: your Whaaaaat????

Person 1: and a just daded a whoopie poo

Person. 2: A dog is just a regular woof cat
by Detectivechar January 19, 2019
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