The process of splitting a single shower stall with another male in the event that all of the dormitory showers are in use
Steve: Hey man, I noticed all the shower stalls are taken; would you mind if we buddy up?

Harry: That's no problem! Hop on in, sailor!
by Risky Rick December 11, 2008
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A person you see at bars or parties that you always greet by either head-nod, handshake, or ever-popular "what up." However, the name of this person, along with all other personal information is unknown.
Guy: "Whats-up buddy"?
Whats-up buddy: "Hey bro"
(they walk right by eachother, no further communication)
Guy to his girlfriend: "Shit, I see that guy around all the time, but I don't have a clue what his name is"
by doon November 14, 2006
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A really near friend that you don’t speak to very often bur WHEN you speak, you catch up with everything you’ve missed and it’s all like you never ebven had a “break”. When you speak with a catch-up buddy, it’s not awkward even though you haven’t been spoken to each other for a while.
We are catch-up buddies, we don’t speak alot or hear much of each other but we’re still very close and and love each other unconditionally!

- you are my Cath-up buddy
by Coumalillygaye February 18, 2021
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Much like a friend with benefits, a random hook-up buddy is someone you're not actually in a relationship with but still get busy with.

Unlike a friend with benefits however, random hook-up buddies hook up on less frequent, more random (hence the name) intervals.
"Mark and Brooke must be random hook-up buddies. The two or three times a month they see each other they always get busy."
by JVL July 5, 2007
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(n) when two people who have mastered the art of upfriending, upfriend each other from the same friend mine or friend farm.
Johnny and Bill are Up-buddies from Heather 's friend farm.
by gambler325 June 16, 2016
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