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Founded in late 2007 by Megan Green and Siobhan Tebbutt. Brw originally expressed the passion as a reply to 'naked in the shower.' Brw later showed signs escaping from an inside joke between two people, but becoming a very popular saying in numerous counties in England, Ireland and across the globe.

The most important part of Brw is it's definition.

BRW- Pronounced 'brow' - Something you say out loud. When agreeing with something else.

However, this definition was written long ago before it became a global phenomenon. It now means to -

To raise your eyebrows in a suggestive manner following an innuendo, a comment or just a expression of exictment!
Did you see 'whats his face' ?

by Meg Green & Siobhan Tebbutt December 29, 2009
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When a young lady, or gay man is running around in your house yelling and screaming under the influence of either excessive alcohol or drugs. Usually easy to get naked.
1:"Hey whats up with that BRW with your living room?"
2:"Oh, that's Holly. She only had a couple of shots and next thing you know she's BRW with her butthole in the air."
1:"Right on."
by Nigga wit an attitude December 01, 2009
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Bitches Runnin Wild- random crazy hoes, usually in a sorority, actin a fool in my house
There were so many dumb, drunk BRWs at the party last night. Shit
by Joey-oey-oo January 10, 2009
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Bumpy Road Wood

Getting a hard one while riding in a vehicle over a rough road.
Dude get off the bus! I cant i have BRW!
by bozippy April 19, 2011
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Pronouced "buh-ROO"

1. It is an expresion of sad annoyance.
1) Aw, brw, I was really looking fowards to winning bingo for once.
by SunPanther June 05, 2005
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Descending from a south park episode where the mood is killed and a record stops making the sound b-rrwww
started at tynecastle high school.
1 - Brrwwwwwww How bad is mikolunis

2- Oh My Brw instead of oh my god

3- Brww Spewing in Malia Every Night
by Simon P October 01, 2006
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Abbreviation for Babelicious and Raunchy Woman - a female of exceptional beauty, style, grace and personality.Supermodel like.
'Whoa Dude, check out that BRW!! She's hot!'
by Freooo July 15, 2007
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