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Pronouced "buh-ROO"

1. It is an expresion of sad annoyance.
1) Aw, brw, I was really looking fowards to winning bingo for once.
by SunPanther June 05, 2005

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1. The Middle East is where the U.S. is currently stuck. If plans of bringing Democracy are to succeed, we need to stay there for a long time (we can't have an Emergency Dance Party). This is why Bush was re-elected: he is a war-time president.

2. The right side of the belly button.
1) Man, I hate this Middle East crap, but if we leave we're never going to get respect 'cause we can't even freaking stay long enough to really instill democracy.

2) Yeah, I wiped out on my skateboard and I've got this big bruise in my Middle East.
by SunPanther June 05, 2005

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