An insult in which you tell someone to brush their teeth while making a masturbation gesture toward your mouth, simulating oral sex and teeth brushing at once.
Bill:Hey Bob, you're a total dick

Bob:Yea, well why don't you go (simulates filatio) brush your teeth
by Hitman 2-1 September 2, 2008
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This is a term used when one says they are going to go brush their teeth, but in reality just goes off to masturbate.
Joey says, "I'm going to go brush my teeth", and returns 30 minutes later, forehead all sweaty.

Sure Billy, why don't you just go BRUSH YOUR TEETH!
by Phr0s7 April 5, 2003
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A man puts tooth paste onto his penis, and then the woman brushes it around as if it was a toothbrush. Then after she is done brushing, she needs to floss, so the man pulls out one of his pubes and she flosses with that. Then after all of that, the woman needs some mouth-wash, so she jacks off the dude and washes her mouth with cum.
The dentist asked me, "Are you brushing your teeth a lot?" and I Said, "Yes" Even though the dentist said I needed a route canal.
by Ground Beef Jesus January 24, 2007
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an expression you tell a girl when you want her to suck your dick
im gonna brush yo teeth with my cock bizniatch! and i just ate sum G to da Bizzears!!!! FO SHO
by 420 May 15, 2003
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Raj was talking to antony about he slept with two birds at same time

Knowing he was talking shit

Antony replied "brush your teeth"

Its originally comes from people who tend to waffle in every conversation they have and talk utter shite

So we say to them afterwards

by Redforllife June 27, 2020
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To give a blow job and let someone come in your mouth.
I helped you brush your teeth!
by Anon234 September 13, 2006
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