The most beautiful girl in Brazil. Sweet and kind. Beautiful and loving. The world makes a little more sense with her in it. Beware, you will fall in love with Bruna the moment you see her.
by Félíx November 15, 2020
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a bruna is a talented, sweet amazing person who is an amazing friend. similar to a bornaghi
Woah, so few brunas in this world
by Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey mo February 22, 2019
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The most special girl you will meet ever in the history of EVERRRR. Bruna is known to be reliable, dependable, intelligent, and exotic. They're unique, individualistic and seductive. A female with dark hair, who is way more hot, sexy, stunning, ravishing, gorgeous and beautiful than a blonde could ever be. Bruna's are often from Italy or Brazil, and they have the sexiest hourglass body figure to top it all with the most amazing personality. Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess.
No way, you are dating BRUNA?!? You have to be the luckiest guy on earth!


Who is that girl over there? She's a hottie!"

"That's Bruna..."

"Oh, that explains a lot!"



G2: Dude. Like you could. That's BRUNA. She wouldn't even give ME a chance.

G1: What're you talking about man? The ladies love YOU!

G2: Yeah but still. There's something about her. She's gorgeous. WaaaaaaaYYYYY OUTTA MY LEAGUE!

G1: Be cool man. She's coming this way!

Bruna: Hey guys! How's it goin?

Guy2 and Guy1: Bah. Dah. Gah. Lag. gargg. Uh. Um. HI!

Bruna: Haha. Anyways, I'll catch you guys later k?

*she walks away..*

Jessica: BRUNA! G2 SOOO likes you!

Bruna: Naww. He wouldn't like ME...

Jessica: Are you kidding? He like LOVESS YOU! Te Ama!

Bruna: You're crazy. That's G2.

Jessica: Whatever gurl. Trust me. He's got it bad.

G1: Dude. YO GOT IT BAD!

G2: I know..

G1: Why don't you talk to her?

G2: Cuz that's BRUNA! She wouldn't like me..

G1: You never know
by G1G2Jessica December 06, 2010
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A calm and kind girl though beautiful inside and out bright like sunshine, she's envied for those unvirtuous without deep sense in love when faced by Bruna qualities.

Diplomatic, Lifemate and Organized although not ambitious and without the influence force over any means she gets almost everything she wants.
Bruna is usually philosophical to deal with everyday situations, introverted, silent in personal relationships and loyal, makes good use of her peacemaking and diplomatic skills in the hope of creating a Harmonious environment around her.
Bruna's friend: "Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see a shadow"
by Knight_ November 04, 2018
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the most amazing girl ever shes fucking fuineee
lyk dayum dis baby is hawt :
that girls a bruna
ohh shit she's hot as fuhhh
duh thats why i said shes a bruna
by jared oh dayum son August 24, 2008
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a swagg crackhead that trips balls whenever they can
Bruna: Holy shit I'm jesus
Taylor;I'm trap god. we are swag
Bruna and Taylor are based god
by Taylor Angela Smith November 19, 2013
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The best person you will ever met, she is perfect for guys with names like Afonso, Rodrigo, Dylan, Niall, Luke, João Fonseca and António.
She is very hot and beautiful and has a very good personality
OMG , it's a Bruna Dias!! She's so hot!!
by Simonedeoliveira February 22, 2017
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