Girls who don’t like those cheesy messages like “good morning beautiful” or “I hope you have an amazing day princess”. They prefer to be sarcastic and joke around. They would rather a guy say “what up stupid” or “your are a dummy” instead.
- “he called me baby girl, ew

- “you are such a bruh girl
by Muzdealer June 8, 2020
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Bruh girl : that one girl who just says “bruh” in response to almost anything, but typically in judgement. She’s typically part of “the bois”. She prefers insults/saltiness over cheesy shit most of the time. She’s typically “really fucking done with your bullshit.” Is closely related and probably friends with a “bro” girl. National bruh girl day is June 16th.
Bruh girl : “Bruh why are you so shit at *insert task/video game here*”

Person : Shut up bruh girl.
by Momghey June 22, 2020
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That archetypal girl who—other than always saying bruh—is often very blunt and unpolished in her communication style, favoring 'real talk' over 'girl talk'. They generally do not care much about feelings and would rather point out the cold truth than to gloss it up with positivity. Very rebellious. Cusses naturally like a sailor. Does not care about social etiquette at all. If in a relationship, bruh girls will give off the impression it's a love-hate one.

With regards to MBTI personality types, bruh girls are most likely either an ISTP, ESTP, or in some cases INFP.
User 1: Hey what's up with that girl who always exchanges insults with her peers and has some sorta bone to pick?
User 2: Oh, that's just a bruh girl, being salty and sarcastic is her thing
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It used to just be a masc lesbian but now its tomboy pick me's
"Yall I'm a bruh girl, I'm not like uwu girls, ew, pink is disgusting"
by Lonely dolphin December 25, 2020
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the best type of girl out there so far. the "bruh girl" likes to use "bruh" obviously, cat emojis, likes soft girls and wants to- nvm, and likes to smash their keyboards and have a lot of words scribbled, that's all, now goodbye 😽😽
The bruh girl uses "BHENSDXYHRENDFIJSK"
by i like food btw July 23, 2020
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A girl who replies bruh to any try hard cutsey compliments, she isn't into stereotypical girly interests, doesn't like cheesy affection or romance, usually skateboards, listens to rap and is generally "one of the guys". She's never white, always either black, mixed or latina and is closely related to a hot cheeto girl but more tom boy and chill, less into girly shit like fashion and gossip
by Yungshinobi January 7, 2021
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