The act of making both a threating and sexually aggressive threating sound
by saasadasd January 11, 2021
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An expression of extreme vehemence, to sugesst strong feeling, or experience upon a certain topic.
I saw his sister, and my dick was like this!! *raises arm forcefully*
by Theeph May 30, 2003
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Replaces words like Whatever and sure.
Person one: I just got a new cd.
Person two: Brr, your cool.
by Jim December 12, 2003
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Stems from joe burrow. When a lowercase w turns into an upper case W. When a homie turns into an Alpha Chad. When a dog turns into a DAWG.
Drinks on me boys, Big Brrrrr
by Alpha Chadster April 5, 2022
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Term used to describe a degree of cold that is the absolute most cold of anything possible. Nothing could be any colder than brrrrr-damn. When you walk out your front door in the winter time and it is 3 degrees outside, burrrrr-damn! When you get into the shower before you realize your hot water heater is not working, brrrrr-damn! It doesn't get any colder than brrrrr-damn!
Brrrrr-damn! It's cold outside today!
by Solitare December 30, 2011
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