10 definitions by Theeph

John: Stu! Mateymoo!!
Stu: Oh fuck no. Not you too d00b...

Stu drops the hammer and wordroyalled/word John like he ain't no thang.
by Theeph June 18, 2003
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Fiddle-de-dee! I just put my Jackson Pollocks through the paper shredder. How embarassing.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
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A much cuter way of giggling.
The "KK" must be whispered in the back of your throat for ultimate effect. Takes practice.
Angry mob: We gonna mess j00!

John: Is't possible?!

Stu: We are lost!

*John and Stu exchange conspirital grins*

John and Stu: gikkle!!

Angry mob: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

*Angry mob turns on itself*
by Theeph June 3, 2003
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An expression of extreme vehemence, to sugesst strong feeling, or experience upon a certain topic.
I saw his sister, and my dick was like this!! *raises arm forcefully*
by Theeph May 30, 2003
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The area of a chick's ass that a male's Jackson Pollocks hit off when he bangs her
I sat down on my sandwich.
Now it's flatter than Jenna's biffing plate.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
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An anogram of "Snap kick to the side of the head"
I was walking along the other day when Kris Campbell busted out his phat Wu-Tang-Fu and SKTTSOTH'd my ass to tha wall.
by Theeph June 1, 2003
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Da Phatt mastah o' da polypipe sword, yo?
I went to Kamp Kaz, where Kris Campbell cleft mine skull in twain like a motherfucker. It was off the heazy.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
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