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As you are give beloved sex with a female, or male depending on sexual orientation, you are on top of him/her.
right when you feel it comin make sure you dont let it out. you then turn around to where your almost in the "69 position" ..
then you ejaculate your massive load onto her belly button, then you squat down so your buttox is right over the cum loaded infested belly button, marking a target. and you quickly drop a fatty brown duecer right on the load. this is easier when you spread your cheeks with your hands so your butt hole can export a turd easier. see "goatse" for more details in this.

once you poop on her belly, she will be in shock and not able to move, you then stand up and stomp on it, making the dooky load splatter all over.

this is easier if you blow your cumload in her eyes then poop on her belly so she cant see it. then proceed to stomp
No shower will wash away the brown bomb i stomped on megan dude! her pussy was nice though
by akjacob907smith March 11, 2009
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a muslim extremist strapped with a belt bomb meant for a suicide detonation,usualy of Middle Eastern in origin
a brown bomb detonated outside of a Mosque killing 6 people today
by SAtarzan April 09, 2006
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