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When A Woman Gives a Man a Handjob/Blowjob,The Man Can Ejaculate A Large Amount Of Sperm Out Of His Erect Penis.
He Was Laying There Naked,As She Played With His Penis,He Ejaculated 5 or More Times With A Huge Cumload.
by Jbro69 September 23, 2006
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the entire quantity of the substance of semen or cum that is ejaculated either onto your hand, her face, her chest, or your sink.
i jacked off a mean cumload and she used it like hair gel just like in the movie, there's something about mary
by gootch February 21, 2007
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When said head-giver gets a mouth full of cum and can not possibly retain anymore before swallowing, therefore said person pulls away. In some cases however, the head reciever has more to share and happens to cum on head-giver when she pulls away or on himself.
i had to pull away, he had a cum load.
by udlady May 03, 2007
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similar to shitload. Used to describe an abundance of tasks (or one large task) that need to be completed. Usually overwhelming.
"sorry dude, can't make it out tonight... gotta cumload of work to finish for Monday"
by Hail Helena December 27, 2008
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