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When sexual activity involves poop and fart's
Kiersten : Last night I was giving Kyle A blowjob and he ripped a big one in my face!
Kaylee : Who the fuck is Kyle?
Kiersten : He's my cheat friend we just fuck sometimes he even poop's on my tummy!
Kaylee : He sound's like a fucking asshole to me!
Kiersten : Now Kaylee what girl don't like a little Stinky Kinky in there bed every once in a while!
Steve : Yeah I love when Chad fart's in my mouth and poops on my tummy too! MMM So Yummy!!!
Kiersten : That's fucking disgusting Uhh! why did you have to say that!!
Kaylee : Oh like you saying that crap is any better!
Kiersten : Hey im hot and Stinky Kinky talk coming from me would turn most guy's on DUH!
Steve : Oh Kiersten thinking of you covered in poop makes me hard!
Kiersten : Why don't you go get Stinky Kinky with Chad!
Steve : Ohh! Good Idea he's always up to a little Stinky Kinky on his desk!
Kaylee : You two make me sick!
by SlopNChop July 11, 2018
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