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When you're doing a chick in the booty, and she immediately pops up after you jizz to drop a deuce on your head whilst humming the song from the horse track.
Jimmy said he needed a new cap, so I gave him a Brown Derby!
by Jibba22 March 04, 2008
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The incessant and immediate need to race to the toilet after downing a cup of coffee. The race is between you and your bowels. Hopefully you win!
Jay walking home from Sunday morning brunch with friends and all of a sudden starts sprinting towards his apartment

Mikal: Hey Jay where are you going?!?
Jay: I had too much coffee! I got a turtle pushing cloth!
by Travis Urban August 25, 2008
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A chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen.

Source: My grandfather owned and operated a Dairy Queen in Dumas (in the Texas Panhandle, not East Texas) for more than 25 years from the mid-'50s to the '70s. We sold many a chocolate-dipped cone. During those days, this delightful treat was called a "Brown Derby."
I'll take two butternut Blizzards and a Brown Derby for my grandfather.
by smithword January 16, 2017
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The act of having anal sex with multiple partners during the same session.
Is Steve coming for a drink tonight? Don't think so mate, last I heard he was lining up a brown derby with those two from last week.
by Def in Vegas February 03, 2013
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When you are wiping your ass and your finger breaks through the toilet paper
I went to take a shit today and recieved my second brown derby this week
by P1980 October 11, 2006
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The most common definition of this proper noun is the Los Angeles restaurant frequented by stars of the silver screen in the 30's and 40's. This restaurant was named after the original Brown Derby that was opened in 1926 in Malvern, NY. I would like to make you aware that this term now refers to an act between a man an a woman. While said act could physically take place between two males, the term Brown Derby refers to a heterosexual treat that some lucky men regularly receive on their anniversaries after getting their lovely spouses soused.

Its derivation is twofold. The least graphic metaphor being that the purple helmet may take on a brown hue during the act. The second centers around the word Derby, in the context of a demolition derby where two objects are rammed into each other causing some amount of damage to the object with less momentum.
Well how the hell did she get pregnant if he only gave her a brown derby??
by Ant'ny November 09, 2006
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