A Bro that is from NOVA. Most Brovas have comical NOVA accents that sound like a shitty imitation of the California surfer accent that they heard on TV. The vast majority of Brovas that go to college are in the Business major for the primary reason that they "heard it was chill". Most Brovas also have rich, Department of Defense parents, making their college careers complete jokes.
That Brova looked like he was loaded down with Management homework.
by alphaknave March 15, 2011
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Another way of saying and spelling "brother", most similiar to "brotha" as in member of the same family, homie, friend.
Occasionally spelled as "bruva".
"Cocoa Brovas" - much respected underground hip hop act formerly called "Smith and Wesson".

"Brova Edgar" an eccentric barfly at Amy's Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin who can often be seen quoting scriptures, slipping baggies and charming young co-eds.
by Ponara Eng/TriadFam February 07, 2003
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a fat gangster with style and skill
'wotta fat-brova!'-when a fat guy gets past the whole opposition and solamdunks...
by yangster MC May 04, 2003
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obese object that endures alot of weight and mental problems which are incurable.
"yangs a fat-brova"
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