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The sub-atomic particles that connect all "bros". The extra particle is what accounts for all of bro culture. It also allows bros to send messages among each other without having to speak.
"Did you see that chick, bro?"
"Nah man I didn't."
"I was sending you major brotons!"
by GratisTheThird February 08, 2009
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A guy that is a positive influence on another guy, usually younger, who will flock around the Broton like neutrons around protons. Like a Big Brother or role model.
by Sold Out Activist May 11, 2009
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1. Broton: An electrically charged particle that makes up the atoms of a bro.

2. Bro-ton: A unit of measurement. A broton is equal to 1 ton

907) of bros.
Bro: Oh, shit, I just lost a broton! I better re-charge with some Natty Light!

Person 1: Did you see all the bros at the game today?
Person 2: Yeah, there must have been 5 bro-tons of them.
by TheMidgette October 17, 2011
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Positively charged bro's who travel in packs and need to be neutralized.
You better equalize your charge before those brotons try to orbit your nucleus.
Look at all those guys, the brotons are on their way over here.
by That one breakfast September 24, 2016
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When an element of the periodic table loses a proton, and the proton becomes a "Bro" and wants to chill and drink natties all day. Its charge is 420
Scientist 1: Oh man this sulfur ion just lost a proton...

Scientist 2: One of the protons must have taken a sip of a natty light.

Scientist 1: Oh no the proton became a Broton and now it's charge is 420!
by Doomsickle January 23, 2011
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A group of pals, like a brother/sisterhood, that work together in the world of protons. Super heros that don't wear capes and super power of curing cancer. Otherwise called radiation therapists.
Rondi is a magical Broton that is a great team player and loves to feed her teammates.
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by SunshineUnicorn December 30, 2018
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