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A term invented in the mind of Luke Hudson that was then adopted and first used by the 2014-2015 TWCA football team. The term stands as the precedent for a team that has teammates that love each other and are willing to go to war for each other.
The love that we have on our team, the brothership, makes this season one to remember.
by dirksanford January 11, 2015
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more then a friendship between one or more guys in a non homosexual way
mario - bro i love you
mazin - me too we have a great brothership
anthony - man this is great
justin - i love our brothership
by Mazin Karana January 16, 2009
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A word heard in the lyrics to the song Sunrise by Biffy Clyro. This has been claimed to be a misheard word only by the lyric sheet on the Balance, Not Symmetry vinyl soundtrack which states that it is actually brother shook. Fans of Biffy Clyro know this to be untrue because brothership is what we heard and it is what we will sing regardless. 'Mon The Biffy, 'Mon the Brothership, 'Mon the Sunrise, 'Mon the BCA!
I spoke in tongues and ship, brothership, brothership, brothership, ship!
by 'Mon the BCA July 28, 2019
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A kind of family like spiritual bond between men
Ross and Joseph's friendship grew into a brothership based on their common bond of addiction
by Sexual Greek God January 08, 2017
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a)a group of bothers in a fraternity having a strong bond between one another.

b)Also the Van we all ride in
a)"There i re-filled your soda for you. Now don't complain that i dont show you any brothership."

b)To the Brothership
by Curley T April 08, 2008
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The male bond formed while in a college fraternity. (This does not include frats)
Being in the fraternity gives you a certain feeling of... brothership.
by Zazzu December 24, 2007
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