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Your sisters husband or husband's brother, usually older.

The guy at the family gatherings who makes you uncomfortable by getting drunk, staring and then shamelessly hitting on you then calls you a fat bitch to eveyone else.

Monster In-law is oblivious to the disgusting ways of this child.

The guy with a chip on his shoulder because he can't get it together and hold down a job.
I bumped into my Brother-in-law at the grocery store, he winked at me before his wife came back with grapes, then proceeded to tell her how ugly I am.
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 19, 2013
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1. The dude who joined your family because your sister got

knocked up a month ago.
2. When you take it easy on another person because you know

them, esp. in sports
1. My sister got married and i cant stand my new brother-


2. Dont be actin' like a brother-in-law when playin' football.
by Heinie June 05, 2009
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Your wife's loser brother. Has tons of good ideas but needs to "borrow" a thousand dollars to get started.

He's an expert at everything futile, worthless and unprofitable.

He talks constantly.
Oh honey, I had to write Trent a check today, he is starting a business cleaning bicycles for the Salvation Army, he's going to make it big this time! We have to dear, you worked overtime for a month and he's your brother in law. Don't you love me?
by Phd2x July 18, 2010
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A complete loser with zero ambition who knocks up your sister. A complete sponge who won't work and does a lousy job raising the kids. A pos that plays video games all day and won't even bother to brush his teeth. This is a person who will cause you to gag during a awkward conversation at a family function because of rotten teeth and periodontal disease. Also a person who's lazy eye can confuse you to who he talking to.
After heading to my brother- inlaws trailer park to see my sister, her knuckle dragging sperm donor husband starts to talking about how smart he is and his latest dumb fixer up purchase. He hasn't had a job in 5 years.
by Forced relative January 04, 2014
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n. A pejorative term for just about anybody who happens to be a douche. Doesn't have to be related.
Mike: "Jerry was at the gym today doin' what he do. Ol' brother-in-law talked my ear off for like 20 minutes and I couldn't think of a good enough excuse to get out of there."

Joe: "Yeah, that dude is jerk."
by laker fan June 01, 2011
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