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Like the friendzone but much worse. When a guy gets rejected then proclaims you're like a brother to her.
Guy: I love you, will you go out with me?
Girl: That's cute, but I don't feel that way towards you, you're like a brother to me.
Guy: Damn it I just got brother zoned!
by mrperson123 April 11, 2017
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(also Bro-zoned) worse than getting friend-zoned or acquaintance-zoned. Mainly happens to girls who have an eye out for someone at least a year older than themselves.

After hanging out a few times, the guy stops considering the girl as girlfriend material rather than his little sister. They can have lots of fun together but nothing more serious than that. You can't really get out of this any possible way (perhaps after 2 or more years not seeing each other)
~ Is that your friend? He's a cutie ^^

> Yep kinda, but brother-zoned me the very first day :/

~ I feel for you sis!
by She Anarchy October 18, 2014
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