To be so bro-ey that you blow (or bro) everybody's minds; chillin out super hard; an adjective describing the overwhelming need to patronize taco bell at an innabropriate hour.
"did you see scott last night, he bro-ed the last b-pong cup, bro-ed to taco bell, and bro-ed one out to gillmore girls, epically brotastic"
by Brochiller trilla August 13, 2008
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Relates to the word "Bro". A moment in which much bro love is happens.
Damn bro, that frisbee game was Brotastic.
by Brotard October 11, 2009
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When a bro feels like a fellow bro deserves a cold bruskii and bronaque in the park with a couple other bro's in the broarchy - as well as a fresh brolex
by Bromasome March 9, 2018
Get the Brotastic mug. be such good friends with another dude that anything done together is described as brotastic

2. to be amazing, or excrete awesomeocity
that trip to the store was so brotastic.

that game was extremly brotastic
by automuffin September 1, 2010
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Head Bro: Hey man, all the bro's are getting together to watch Dane Cook and play game cube, wanna join?!

Odd Bro out: Yeah man, sounds Brotastic!!
by Tommy Gatewood October 21, 2009
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A male companion to a Bro Ho. Centers more on lifestyle and lamely hanging out than excelling at a sport, or fine skill.

Part of the useless groupie crowd taking up room. causing trouble in the pits, and mooching everybody's stuff.
"Dude, you're such a Brotastic. Learn to ride."

Guy doing donuts on a quad in the pits,throwing dirt on everyone, "That is so brotastic."
by Sparkplug6 December 2, 2008
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Something awesome that your friend does for you.
1). Dude, I totally got that O you wanted.
2). Nice, thats brotastic.
by silly jill November 26, 2009
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