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A high-class; sassy; elegant; classy; "FRENCHY" term of being BROKE (No cash or money)
Him: Man, you look good on that jacket, but you're broke as fck.
Sassy Dude: Man, I'm not just broke, I'm sassy and classic. I'm BROQUÉ
by Tuscan-ee July 05, 2018
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Is a calm and cool straight from the heart kind of person, full of passion and very expressive. Will always put in the extra effort to get things done. Will save you when all hope is lost. will surprise you when you least expect it.
WOW thank g-d for broque
by russian lover May 03, 2009
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It’s when you’re broke bite you’re still so much better than everyone else.
I’m currently broqué but let’s go shopping anyway.
by Sjjsjsjsjsn November 25, 2018
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