When someone says he/she doesn't have money but is still able is maintain and spoil himself/herself. Basically the money isn't enough for one to lend it to someone else .
me: Im broke but I'm definitely going out for a massage today, I need a self pampering & it's been a long week .

sister: you just said you're broke .
me: oh did I? I meant broqué .
by ojybfdvhijn October 21, 2020
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A high-class; sassy; elegant; classy; "FRENCHY" term of being BROKE (No cash or money)
Him: Man, you look good on that jacket, but you're broke as fck.
Sassy Dude: Man, I'm not just broke, I'm sassy and classic. I'm BROQUÉ
by Tuscan-ee July 6, 2018
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It’s when you’re broke bite you’re still so much better than everyone else.
I’m currently broqué but let’s go shopping anyway.
by Sjjsjsjsjsn November 26, 2018
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Trying to be glamorous when your poor AF.
Mmm girl, I’m not broke, I’m broqué.... now hand me my knock off louie and lets hit the club.
by StefaniaMariaSinclair May 30, 2019
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When you live a rich and boujee life but you're actually broke.
I just bought myself a Gucci purse and I am now broqué
by Shuffler2255 March 13, 2019
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The large flower arrangement that bottoms throw at the reception of their gay marriage ceremony.
After Trevor turned his back to the crowd, he tossed high in the air his Broqué for all the other homos to try and catch.
by PlaytexPirate February 14, 2020
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