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A beautiful girl, with pretty eyes & a lot of friends. She usually is a popular girl, But she is kinda shy when it comes to having to meet someone new. Whenever you get to know her she is very fun to be around and hilarious. Everyone loves her hair for some odd reason, Brown and wavy-ish curly,long.
by izzy5 November 26, 2012
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A resident of Brooklin is called a Brooklinite. Brooklin used to be a small village in Ontario, Canada, just north of Whitby, Ontario. It has slowly been eaten up by Whitby and is often referred to as "North Whitby" by any who live in Whitby. Brooklinites will scoff at the "North Whitby" term and demand that you say Brooklin. Brooklin is in the 905 and the GTA.

Re-zoning has caused a population boom in the last ten years turning it into a high end bedroom community. People who live in the new developments around Brooklin are mostly young families who work in Toronto who want to live “in the country” which is ironic since new residents are also likely to complain about the smell of freshly fertilized fields and the venting of barns. Oh, the irony.

An LCBO and Beer Store have been built in Brooklin, which is a big deal to Brooklinites.

There are a large number of young wiggers in Brooklin who need Clint Eastwood's portrayal of Walt Kowalski to impart some wisdom to them. As with most wiggers, those in Brooklin are rich white kids who are deeply immersed in fashion, but they don't want you to think so. Most, if not all, of these wiggers would make very poor ganstas and don't do much better in the workplace since they're trying to be more gansta than the other rich white kids obsessed with fashion. Many of them originally moved to Brooklin from Toronto with their parents. They think they're cool but really everyone is laughing at them.

Brooklin is not Brooklyn.
Person 1: You're from north Whitby aren't you? What's the deal with all the wiggers?

Person 2: It's Brooklin! It's not Whitby!

Person 1: Yeah sure, it's "Brooklin" but what's the deal with all the wiggers?

Person 2: Their parents moved here from Toronto. If you laugh at them they run away.
by Daphnia November 08, 2011
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An Intense Blonde who tends to run into things

a ledgend in her own mind

and somone who you can talk to when ur sad or fall in love with :

and is also always on stickam
I love brooklin more than anyone in the world.
by brooklin February 21, 2008
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An ugly lil Tay wanna be looking headass.
Karly- Did you see Brooklin’s disgusting outfit today

Ryleigh- Yea her clothes are a detriment to society
by Abayceday October 23, 2018
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Brooklin is a nice, attractive man, very sexual and energetic. He loves to have a laugh, but he is also really sensitive in the inside. However he is a lady killer, all the girls want him.
Person 1:wow is that brooklin
Person 2: yeahh hes like heaven
by Hhiiiiiiiiii August 24, 2017
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A small town in Ontario,Canada wich has very little alcohol and alot of white nigger population and rich people. there are no high schools there.
You live in Brooklin.. You must be a white nigger or rich!
by jakeistaken March 18, 2011
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