n: Liquor Control Board of Ontario

This is the place where people in Ontario, Canada buy their alcoholic beverages.
They sell wine, spirits, beer (only in cans), and various assortments of liquor.

See also: The Beer Store

pronunciation: ell-see-bee-oh
Naturally... the LCBO closes at 10pm on weekends and even earlier on weekdays.
wtf is up the governments ass?
Why can't we just be like any other normal country and buy our booze at 24 hr store down the fucking street?!
Oh wait i know... they want to control EVERYTHING. Them bastards!
by ae123456 January 20, 2009
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Liquid Cash Barons of Ontario.
The government arm in charge of supplying drinks to the thirsty people of Ontario.
Pronunciation: Loo-Ke-Bo

Also known as KGBO
Hipster A: Where are you going ?
Hipster B: I'm bolting to the LCBO to get some bottles of 50 !
by Postscripted January 29, 2008
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Only store you can buy liquor in Ontario. Canadian government holds an alcohol monopoly and uses LCBO stores to sell liquor.
Where did you get that california wine? From LCBO.
by alireza.m October 28, 2005
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