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Noun. A friend so close to you he might as well be your brother.

Originally used in Chicago's Rogers Park.
by Cru October 09, 2007
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A close group of laid-back "bro's" which can be characterized by their metro sexual appearance, and love for DMB, Jack Johnson, John Mayer (etc), and the willingness to just “chill”

-can also be referred to as a "Bro"

How to spot a Bromigo:
-Gelled/straightened/styled hair.
-At least one article of Polo/Lacoste/Hollister/Abercrombie/Burberry/Banana Republic/brand name clothing.
Which is so efficiently put together; from the shoes which match the shorts/pants, to the perfectly tucked in shirt which each bro has their own technique to (wrap around, back out-front in, left side slanted, right side tucked, etc.). Which always must be accompanied with a belt and/or a fitted hat, with an UNBENT bill.
-Notable use of Axe body spray, or cologne
-The season trends of Burks, moccasins, and upsiders.
-Jeans that have a few perfectly placed holes, but not too many.
-Always having a girlfriend, or beeing "attached" to at least one girl.

Normal personal quirks:
-The complements toward another 'bro's' appearance which may, or may not, seem gay.
-Always jumping on the opportunity to take off their shirts, to show off how much time they really do spend in the gym
-Frequent ass slaps, high fives, mounting, hugs, and dry humping. which are totally normal.
-Using the most powerful 4 words in their dictionary which will always get a laugh: "that's what she said"

-along with many other attributes which can only be noted once you encounter a "Bromigo"
1). Look at him, he's a total bro.
2). Wud up dude? I'm just about to go chill with the bromigo's, wanna come?
3). Those bro's look so good, and they make it seem so easy.
5). Hey Ryan, is it ok that Jared and Ben are spooning?? -oh don't worry they're bromigo's.
by KJeezy September 21, 2008
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Is a dam good friend or someone who alway's has your back and you can count on when the chips are down and the sheet is fixing to hit the fan. Good friends of this quality tend to run in small packs due to the fact they have such large and good times that they share together or with other bromigo's.

Also can be referred to as:bromiga, broninja, brohomie, or brohamie or homieG.
Hold my beer bromigo and watch this!

Bromigo's typicaly are sittn next to you in jail rather than bail you out! They dont want to miss out or not be with the other when some big times potenialy can be had.
by duckninja6 April 19, 2010
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A person, explicitly a male, who fits the frat-boy profile, but is of Hispanic or Mexican descent.
"After joining Delta-U, Horacio became a total bromigo."
by superrr1 March 19, 2008
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When 2 friends are so close they feel eachothers pain and finish eachothers sentences, they make out with their ladies on the same couch in the same room they finger their girlfriends side by side while doing a broshake, they read the bro code every night before they go to bed they even have the same thoughts they are closer then actual brothers and the average man and wife. These 2 men have a bromance and are not afraid to admit it they have a bond like no other and yes they do love eachother.
Connor: "Damn she has a nice booty"
A.J.: "Ya i know my hands on it?"
Connor: "Oh that's weird because my hands down her pants?"
A.J.: "Ya you don't have clothes on"
Connor: "I know right! sick bromigo"
A.J.: "Fuck ya that's sick"
by A.J. Connor December 17, 2011
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