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verb: An assembling of men for the specific purpose of imbibing fermented or distilled grains, objectifying the opposite sex, and emoting machismo (typically involving sports related activities). (Related Articles: Bachelor Party, Poker Night, Tailgate Party)
With two bottles of whiskey, a deck of porno cards, and three flat screens with all of the games on, there is no question that me and the boys are broing out tonight.
by erikshinn August 06, 2008
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Hanging out with the bros. This is usually intended to mean something like 'the guys' but me & my friends use it with girls too. chillin hanging out friends
Josh: Dude, are we bro-ing out tonight?
Ian: No man... I have to study for finals.
by Kayla dollface;; January 09, 2009
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The act of playing gamecube and drinking natty ice with the bros.
We're broing out! Yeah bro! Just drink this scotch.
by falcon183 January 15, 2008
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"Yo man its kyle, you guys bro'ing out?"
"Yeah dude, we are "bro'ing out" come up to north and bring frat sodas."

To hang out with other bros. In order to "bro out" one must be with at least 1 other bro in a social setting. If you take yourself too seriously or act faggy then you are not bro'ing out. If you are working or doing schoolwork then you are not bro'ing out.

A typical scenario in which one would be bro'ing out would be if some bros were in the basement of the cunthouse drinking frat sodas and smoking p-funks. Extra broing points if hoes are present.
by K Burns December 11, 2007
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when a group of heterosexual male friends, ditch hoes before their bros, and show their love for each other through sexual favors.
did you hear that mike, john, and bobby, were broing out in a hotel,

they must be great friends.
by johnny caca May 10, 2009
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when one goes out with bros. bro+going out= broing out
See you tomorrow morning Laine, I'm broing out.
by big_spoon November 08, 2011
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