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Brockism is the political and religious philosophy of Brock Obama. Contrary to popular belief, Brock Obama is not just a personality on Facebook. He is the single most powerful political mind in the Kanto region.

Brockism centers on kicking as much ass as possible with rocks, trolling religious extremists and political zealots, and addressing honest concerns about Pokemon and the Internet in general. Brockism has spawned a storm of Brock knockoffs, all of which should be trolled, save for his archenemy Amabo Kcorb.
Brockism states: "Never tell telemarketers to stop calling you. You can have so much fun trolling them again and again."

Brockism states: "Star Wars has more plot holes then (sic) any cave has Zubats."

Brockism states: BROCK OBAMA IS NOT BARACK OBAMA. Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. Brock Obama is a character on Pokemon.
by ItsACaptainDan July 01, 2011
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