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When a friend does something so idiotic that you have to question your friendship....not end it, necesarily, but set some time aside to question your bromance.
Ravi: Andy why the EEFFFF you bring all these douchebags to hang out with us?

Andy: What are you talking about they are all cool guys

Ravi: No there are not...they are borderline cunts...if you keep bringing them around, I'm going to have to put you on brobation!
by TheRR June 10, 2009
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When a male has committed some form of deceit or cock blocking to a fellow male friend.
Tommy's not coming to the bar with us tonight, he took home the girl I was hitting on last time. He's on serious brobation right now.
by Beree October 05, 2007
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Noun. The state of a bro who has recently committed a shady act, such as brotrayal, and apologized, but is awaiting brotal reconciliation. In other words the bro in question is viewed apprehensively by his fellow bros to verify that the bro is not in fact a douche.
"I was in a tiffy that Winsent lied to me about going to the polo match with Rodolpho. He apologized to me, which I appreciated, but he is on requisite brobation."
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When a bro breaks the Bro Code, putting him on probation.
You: I put (instert bro's name) on brobation because he hooked up with my ex 5 days after we split up.

Friend: Totally called for, he definitely violated the Bro Code.
by Orphan Stomper November 27, 2010
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permission from a girlfriend or wife to escape the house and hang out with the bros.
Word on the streets has it Ryan did all his chores and the warden put him on brobation.
by Bizofoshiznatch August 25, 2003
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