A bro-over is experienced whenever you and your bros have a crazy late night, full of not-drinking, not-smoking, and not-having sex, because you are too sXe for that sort of thing.
Yo man, why you so tired?" "I'm suffering from a hardcore Bro-Over" "Oh, the booze got ya?""Dude, XstraightedgeX for life.
by punkguitarcovers May 30, 2010
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A night where a bunch of dudes culminate the drinking and fucking around by all crashing at one bro's house. Usually in the basement, under inadequate blankets. There will be farting and swearing and crude jokes. It is likely that a movie will be put on so that everyone can fall asleep within the first ten minutes. Explicitly for bros, if there is a chick present it's not a bro over.
Guy 1: Yo dude, can I crash at yours tonight?

Guy 2: Ya same.

Guy 3: Sure! We'll have a bro over.
by chawanna champagne October 10, 2010
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To never choose a girl over your bros, spend time with your bros more than you spend time with the girl that might be cheating on you.
-Michael B-
" girl- come hang out with me. Boy- sorry, bros over hoes😌.
by Michaelbrr November 25, 2020
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When someone is hyped beyond control or is causing too many problems for themself.
Dude, if you don't stop over broing, I'm gonna slap you in the face.
by rocketboy572 August 25, 2020
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1. To describe the unwritten law of friends (hoes) before guys (bros)(most of the time, the ones that get between you)
2.a phrase to describe a relationship with your friends instead of the asshole or playa that got between you
Peyton-"so we wont let him get between us?"
Brooke-"no worries, hoes over bros"

"Man, i cant believe we fought over him...from now on its hoes over bros"
by Amina March 5, 2006
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An annoying way your friends guilt trip you into getting to hang with the boy instead of being with your girl
Person 1: hey you wanna go to the movies with me and the boys
Person 2: actually I can’t I have plans with my girl
Person 1: wow hoes over bros ok I get it
Person 2: fine I’ll cancel my plans
by console person July 5, 2020
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noun 1. An Alpha Bro that holds dominion of other lesser bros within his social sphere.
As the Over-Bro entered the night club, the other bros parted to let him walk to the bar.
by JMgreek February 17, 2022
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